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Inception, as the name alludes to, is our flagship gin. It symbolizes our desire to create truly amazing gin with South African flair. Great care is taken to ensure that the quality of our ingredients is of the highest standard.

Our water is collected from the Albion spring in Newlands, Cape Town, which we believe releases more flavour, as there are no chemicals to alter the taste. Inception is made from either a beer or wine base, each of which each brings through a unique flavour that complements our secret botanical recipe. Both are double distilled and during the second distillation are infused with our well balanced mix of botanicals.

In tasting our unique gin recipe, one should pick up a complex, yet balanced blend of  floral, aromatic, citrus and herbaceous notes. These provide for a gin, rich in flavour  and exceptionally smooth on the palate.

A few of our ingredients include: Juniper berries, Rooibos, Lime, Honeybush, Cardamom and Buchu



A very smooth, elegant and full-bodied gin. Juniper forward with a slight hint of rose geranium and wild rosemary on the palate. Light notes of buchu, citrus and rooibos can be picked up in the after taste. Add a dash of light or regular tonic water, some thinly sliced green apple, mint and cucumber or a slice of grapefruit for a superb South African G&T.



Contains 6 x 50ml bottles of Woodstock Gin (2 of each variety). Provides for an ideal gift or souvenir from our boutique gin shop.


Inception Beer base

A more robust, punchy gin. It has a slight caramel, ovaltine flavour on the nose from the initial beer distillation. This transcends into the traditional juniper berry flavor and picks up citrus and blend of spices, which carry through into the aftertaste. Best served with a regular or Mediterranean tonic water, a slice of orange and a piece of cinnamon bark for a G&T with a twist. Drink on its own or add Mediterranean tonic water, a sliver of orange rind and a piece of cinnamon bark for a G&T with a twist.


Cask aged gin

Woodstock’s Grape distilled Inception gin is matured in American Oak barrels for a period of three to four months. During this time the stringency of the Grape distilled Inception gin is lowered and rich vanilla and marzipan flavours are now present in the gin. This provides for an extra premium gin, which can easily be  sipped on its own or paired with lime and red peppercorns and Woodstock’s natural tonic water.


high tea gin

A refreshingly complex gin with similar flavours on the palate as the grape distilled Inception gin, but with lingering undertones of rooibos and honeybush, which are added post distillation. Easy drinking on its own or with a block of ice and slice of lemon and a dash of light tonic or sparkling water. Unique South African flavours and refreshingly different from other gins.