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Perfectly Refined, Fiercely Rebellious

I am the firstborn.
The good rebel.
Classic but contemporary.
Artisanal and uninhibited.
Pure goodness with an audacious attitude.
You think you know me, but don’t
underestimate me.
I have a strong voice and a lot to say.
I choose which rules to follow and empower
others to make their own.
I am versatile, mix well and invite you to play
in our irreverent, wild and curious world.
I am real good gin, brewed in the most
unexpected of places.
I am the untamed spirit of Woodstock
Original Gin.


Smooth with full-bodied juniper flavour notes, hints of geranium, rosemary and citrus.

Woodstock Original offers a complex and balanced taste experience for gin lovers and experimenters alike.

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